EnterpriseI don't even know if I should write this post because I'm not sure you can handle it. If true, this could possibly be some of the most explosive Star Trek news in some time. Not long ago, I told you how Patrick Stewart was talking up a new Trek film in which he would return to the holodeck as Captain Picard. My friends, that is just the beginning - things could get a whole lot crazier. According to a scooper over at CanMag.com, there's rumors that, as previously reported, this new film will not be a prequel full of unknowns. In fact, it is said to take place in a "mirror" universe, where folks from the past, present and future can all hang out and talk shop. Yeah, you know what I'm about to say next, right? Word right now is that, not only will Picard be in the film, but Captain Kirk (William Shatner) and Captain Archer (Scott Bakula). Bonkers! Now, this "mirror universe" is nothing new to Star Trek; we've seen it before. But it would be very interesting to see the three Captains share the same screen. Apparently, this whole thing got started when Shatner turned down a role on Enterprise due to little money and the fact that he'd rather act in another film. I'd be real curious to see how you hardcore Trek fans feel about this, so have at it.
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