WitchbladeDuring the brief time it ran (2001-2002), Witchblade was the most popular original series TNT had ever produced. Based only on the number of people I know who watched (that would be one: me), I'm frankly stunned by that information - perhaps it's based on the fact that the series was in fact the only one TNT had made at that time?

The number of viewers notwithstanding, however, the show was awesome. Based on a series of graphic novels from Top Cow, it told the story of an ancient weapon (yes, that would be the Witchblade) that "only women of unmatched strength of mind, body and will have ever successfully worn," among them a French chick known as Joan of Arc. The series takes place in the modern day, when the Witchblade is worn by an NYPD detective.

Now, Top Cow has revealed that they're bringing Witchblade to the big screen - and not once, but twice: two films will be shot simultaneously in China, starting next year. (Peter Jackson, this is pretty much on you if it's a miserable failure.) Sadly, there's no casting info, but you can be sure that with Mark the comics dork and Martha the weirdo on staff, you'll read it here the moment anything is revealed.

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