Kronks New Groove

There are some great kid movies out there - just look at our Twelve Days of Cinematicalmas posts on DVDs to buy your teen and great DVDs for Santa to bring younger kids for Christmas for examples of some really fabulous kid fare even the adults won't mind watching.

Then there is the dreck. And much of the dreck, the really seethingly bad kid flicks that insult the intelligence of even the little kids they're targeted at, comes in the form of sequels. Now, we don't mind sequels if they actually do something new and different, or even improve on the original - Toy Story 2, for instance, is a great movie. Usually, though, sequels are unnecessary at best and unrelentingly bad at worst. Disney, of course, is one of the worst offenders, but they aren't alone. Here we present for you seven kiddie flick sequels from hell (not that there aren't more than that, but we had to stop somewhere...)

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