Ghost RiderSony has announced that it will push back the release date for Ghost Rider from July 14th, 2006 to Presidents Day weekend 2007. Based on the popular Marvel comic, the film stars Nicolas Cage as a a stunt driver who gives up his soul to become a vigilante and battle demons; most importantly, Blackheart, son of the devil. The move comes after Sony realized their summer was  already packed with high-profile films like The Da Vinci Code, Click, Monster House, Zoom and the Untitled "will someone just give this film a freaking name already" Will Ferrell Nascar comedy. By kicking off the new year with an expesnsive ($120 million) action film, Sony hopes some of that big box office Daredevil luck will rub off on Ghost Rider. However, the date change has the folks over at Marvel Studios scrambling to alter their marketing campaign, and I can't help but not really care all that much. Sorry kids, but you'll just have to wait a few more months for this one.
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