South ParkIt's a sad, sad day, friends. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are in a big fight with the Farrellybrothers - and it's all about the Special Olympics. The Farrellys, whose upcoming movie The Ringer is about an normal guy pretending to be disabled in order to compete in said Olympics, are accusing Parker and Stone of ripping them off in a 2004 episode of South Park. In the episode, Cartman pretty much does the same thing that Johnny Knoxville does in The Ringer, pretending to be mentally disabled in order to succeed in the Special Olympics. Oh no they di'nt!

According to the angry Farrellys, they are the only people ever who could option a script with an idea as brilliant as that one, and therefore it must have been stolen by Parker and Stone. Ringer writer Ricky Blitt claims that his screenplay was pitched "all over town, including to Stone and Parker" before it was optioned by the Farrellys, so the South Park creators had to have known about it. The person who actually pitched the project to the South Park team (Robert Kosberg), however, says he never actually met with either Stone or Parker, and both men deny having any contact with the script.

Jeez. Overreacting much, anyone? I just hope this leads to a South Park episode about brother filmmakers. Hey, maybe they can be Siamese twins!
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