Mark WahlbergMe, I like Marky Mark. His acting is usually good - even Fear is entertaining. And I confess, I enjoyed the whiteboy rap. Plus, I was in an elevator with him once, and he was extremely down to earth and friendly, despite the fact that I'm not a smokin blonde. But come on - do we really need a sequel to his remake of The Italian Job?!

As if the remake wasn't bad enough, there is a part two, cleverly called The Brazilian Job. Boy, I can't wait for this one. Most of the original (remake) cast will be back, which either means that the script is shockingly good, they want to go hang out on the beach or - at least as likely - Paramount is throwing a massive wad of cash at all of them. Since the remake made about $100 million worldwide in profit, one can certainly understand Paramount's desire for the Brazilian to be as similar as possible. For us, though, it's more like to be a chance to see Rio and here some Portuguese than it is to see, you know, a good movie.

The Brazilian Job will start shooting - on location in Rio, no less - next spring.
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