Have you ever wondered about Mickey Mouse's family? Pondered over Donald Duck's lineage? Considered Goofy's pedigree? Well, somebody has, and they've put together some seriously impressive and well researched family trees for these iconic Disney characters.

On the linked page you will find collected histories for various characters collected by the author of the page, but the most impressive and enjoyable are the ones painstakingly assembled by the author himself. The research for these extend all the way back into the earliest days of the characters, and cover everything from postcard-esque comics to contemporary films like A Goofy Movie.

I've got to admit, I sorta just chuckled at this at first and only intended to give it a passing glace. But before I knew it, I found myself reading the explainatory comments provided at the bottom of each tree, and glancing back up at the images as I read. What really pulled me in was Donald's family, as I grew up being an enormous fan of Duck Tales. From there it just cascaded out of hand, and before I knew it I was reading blurbs about Clarabell Cow's family. Weird, but somehow interesting.

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