Simon PeggSimon Pegg and Edgar Wright, the men behind 2004's surprise hit Shaun of the Dead, recently told Empire Online that their second feature has been officially greenlit by Working Title. The film - Hot Fuzz - is a comedy that "will star Pegg and Nick Frost [Shaun's Shaun and Ed] as two mismatched cops who team up in a West Country backwater."

Pegg and Wright have been working on the film all year, and report that the script is much more complex than the one they wrote for their first film. Weirdly, they claim that their writing has been heavily influence by a joint OD on Shane Black, with whose "sass" Pegg says the two are currently enamored. In fact, he describes Hot Fuzz as being "like a British Shane Black movie." Well, ok. But what's wrong with just another Pegg-Wright flick? Based on the first one, people seem to like those sort of a lot.
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