The Da Vinci CodeThe other day, I told you about the new Rocky Balboa blog and complained about these boring movie blogs and how they offer nothing but spoilers and crappy behind-the-scenes videos that will probably show up on the Special Limited Edition DVD anyway. Well, it seems as if The Da Vinci Code film may be doing things a bit differently and, if you have time and the brain power, you may soon find yourself lost within a clever marketing puzzle. A scooper over at Coming Soon has uncovered a secret code hidden within the new Da Vinci Code trailer. Towards the end of the preview, you'll notice that certain letters light up. When pulled out and re-arranged, these letters form the words, "Seek The Codes." Digging deeper, the scooper checked out the website and, at first glance, it appears as if it's just some regular old blog. However, the domain is registered to Sony Pictures Entertainment. Score! The blog itself is filled with several different puzzles that I'm just way too lazy to figure out. I assume this is just the beginning to what could be a neat little "find the next clue" journey leading up to the release of the film. Personally, I dig this kind of marketing because it's unique, doesn't exactly spoil too much and it adds some fun flavor to your average movie marketing campaign. Should you discover anything interesting, let us know. Oh, and in case you missed it, the HD trailer for The Da Vinci Code went live last night.
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