Quentin TarantinoAccording to the movie's star Michael Madsen, Quentin Tarantino's Hell Ride officially has the green light. The movie, which will be produced by Tarantino's Band Apart, is loosely being described as a biker flick that centers on three main characters (played by Madsen, motorcycle movie veteran Larry Bishop and, unfortunately, QT) and "deadly unfinished business among them."

Further word from Madsen is that the movie will be a tribute of sorts to "the really bad B-movie motorcycle movies" of the 1970s, but is set in the modern era. Hell Ride was written by co-star Bishop, who will also direct (he did the same double duty on 1996's rather odd Mad Dog Time). All this because Bishop he happened to have a bit part in Kill Bill: Vol. 2 - man, talk about connections.
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