Jacques TatiFrench actor/writer/director/genius Jacques Tati is unquestionably one of the most brilliant screen comedians of all time. Unfortunately, unlike his fellow icons Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, Tati only really made a handful of films, so his fans are on a constant quest for little morsels of his work that they might have missed. Now, thanks to Sylvain Chomet, the man behind the magical The Triplets of Belleville, one of Tati's unproduced scripts will be coming to the big screen, albeit in animated form.

According to an article in next month's Esquire, the movie - titled The Illusionist - "tells the story of an aging magician (portrayed by an animated Tati) who befriends a young girl in Scotland and can't bear to tell her that his magic is not real." From the article, it sounds as if Chomet's current obsession is getting his drawings of Tati exactly right, a concern that makes the news of this film even more encouraging. After all, if anyone is equipped to reproduce Tati's intelligence and whimsy, it's probably Chomet.
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