six flagsThey just announced last week that they're dabbling in DVD distribution; now Harvey Weinstein has joined the board of Six Flags. New Six Flags chief exec Mark Shapiro is full of ideas about revamping the theme park (once owned by Warner Brothers), and partnering with a movie studio like The Weinstein Company is just part of his plans.

Shapiro is also talking with Microsoft (Bill Gates is a major investor in Six Flags) about an xBox Village and maybe Wes Craven about designing a haunted house. Where do the Weinsteins factor in? A connection to a movie studio will mean the ability for Six Flags to create more rides themed around movies, and the Weinsteins said when they split from Disney that part of why they made that decision was a desire to branch out to other outlets.

The Weinstein Company has a slew of new projects in the works, including Grind House, Sin City 2, Halloween: Retribution, and The Green Hornet. What movie-themed rides would you love to see at your neighborhood Six Flags Amusement Park?

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