Ali GSacha Baron Cohen (a/k/a Ali G) has signed on to star in Curly Oxide and Vic Thrill; a fact-based story that follows a Hasidic Jew and a rocker as they attempt to form a band. If that doesn't get you in the mood to throw on those dancing shoes, then knowing Tina Fey wrote the script should get you grooving. Or not. Not surprisingly, Cohen will take on the role of Hasidic Jew; a character named Curly Oxide, who walked into a bar one day and met up with Vic Thrill (why do I love these names so much?) and the two eventually combined to form, what I imagine, is a very interesting band. Tina Fey also penned the script Mean Girls, but you probably know her best for her appearence on Saturday Night Live as the girl who's never funny. And no, that's not a skit - she's just really not funny.
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