Bruce WillisBruce Willis, who lately has been (understandably, I guess) spending more time frolicking with hot models than working, has signed on to star in writer/director Tom Schulman's new drama, Morgan's Summit. In the film, Willis will play - and try not to throw up when you read this - "a radio host whose latenight show is devoted to songs and stories that promote the power of kindness." While it's lovely for people to do such things, I'm surely not the only one who thinks that watching a movie about one of them would be sort of like sitting down on a fire ant nest. Thankfully, though, things change for Bruce when something awful (and, yes, violent) happens to him, and he throws over kindness for the alluring call of revenge. As long as he doesn't rediscover goodness at the end, this sounds great! However, since the script is lovingly described as an "uncommonly engrossing [one that] touches upon issues of justice, race, revenge and forgiveness in remarkable ways," I'm not real hopeful.

Schulman's writing credits including such diverse projects as Dead Poets Society, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and Medicine Man, but his only directing experience was with 1997's crime comedy, 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag, which he also wrote.
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