Today's roundup again comes to you from the good people at CBR, who do an amazing job tracking comic book movie news.

  • The Comics Reel reports that a Los Angeles-area special effects house is working on a film adaptation of the Eastman and Laird property Fist of Blood. I've got no idea what this is, but they say the basic plot "involves a gang of vampires doing battle with a gang of zombies when a naked female character appears to do battle with them all." Ooookay. Feel free to chime in if you know something that might make this sound more sane to me.
  • The official website for upcoming animated film Conan: Red Nails has been launched. Notable voice actors include Ron Pearlman and Mark Hamill.
  • Batman on Film has yet another update in the ever-developing Penguin casting rumor mill. A source from Philip Seymour Hoffman's hometown reports that an old high school drama teacher of Hoffman's has indicated in the local media that Hoffman has indeed been in talks with the Batman people. Hoskin's still get's my vote.
  • In case you need yet more pictures from X-Men 3, Superhero Hype has assembled a gallery of new and old pictures for your viewing pleasure.

[via CBR]