Numerous scripts have been written for science fiction mega classic Ender's Game. None of them, however, have passed muster, and Warner Brothers' option on the title was set to expire this month. However, both Card (the author of the novel) and Warner Brothers say they remain committed to the project, and to show their good faith, the option has been extended for one more year, with Card himself set to take another stab at the script. They hope to keep the film at 2 hours or less, so that it can maximize on box office office time schedules. Card says "We're not doing Gandhi, here. It doesn't need to be ponderous. It needs not to be. It needs to be so good that people pack the theaters."

Wow, did I ever fear when I first heard the rumors of Ender's Game the movie. The book may well be my favorite work of science fiction, but I simply can't see it translating into a film. Who knows, it could be the best thing on the screen since Gone With the Wind; I just don't see how it can happen. Even animated, 6-year-olds beating the tar out of each other and playing war games seems like a concept that can only work with the magic of literature. Am I way off on this? Can somebody out there offer me some great insight/encouragement to make me really look forward to the possibility of this film? I'm definately open to being persuaded on this one. Please?

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