As we've reminded you to no end, a few of my fellow New York-based film bloggers and I will be speaking on a panel tonight at the Apple Store in Soho. So today's edition of the Group Hug is more of a circle jerk, devoted to some of my illustrious panelmates. Check out the event info here, and if you come down, come say hello. I'll be the little red headed girl who looks scared to death.

  • Scott Macaulay on a sight common to anyone who spends time in the NY subway: defaced movie posters. "There's something implicitly challenging about these word balloons. Interrupting the one-sheet's message, they change a movie poster from iconic urban wallpaper, just one of the many advertising hits you'll see before you "decide" to see a film, to communal signs that cry out for evaluation and critique."
  • Alison Willmore on why the supposed "indification" of the Golden Globes is a crock: "It was surprising that Munich and King Kong were left off the the Best Picture list, but of the other snubbed films he lists, Capoteis technically an indie (Sony Pictures Classics), while A History of Violence, which did get a nod, seems indie in tone but is actually released by New Line. The takeaway point being perhaps that no one can tell the fucking difference anymore — viva the age of the middle-budget (and -brow?) film."
  • The Reeler stalks George Clooney, gets a quote: "This film and Syriana are two films in particular where I made a very specific choice going in, saying, 'Look: I'm not telling you what we should do. I'm not going to supply the answers.' I think the most important thing is that we must never be told we're not allowed to ask a question. That's when we get into a very dangerous area."