Sienna MillerWe reported here back in September about the planned series of remakes of a trio of murdered Dutch director Theo Van Gogh's films. At the time, only the directors (Steve Buscemi, Stanley Tucci, and Bob Balaban) were known. Now, however, two of the films have been cast, and the names are surprisingly well-known. Sienna Miller will costar with director Buscemi in Interview, the story of a "top political [journalist]" who, after a falling-out with his editor, is forced to interview a soap opera star (who, presumably, will be played by Miller). Meanwhile, Blind Date - Tucci's contribution to the project - will feature Patricia Clarkson and Tony Shalhoub. The film "centers on parents who have lost a child and then reinvent themselves as they try to rebuild their relationship." Balaban's film, 06/05: The Sixth of May, is still not cast.

The three films will be shot back-to-back in New York next year, all of them on digital video.
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