King Kong

Well, apparently someone forgot to tell Fox 2000 that King Kong was coming out this week, because they accidentally The Family Stone into wide release today. Everyone else was wise enough to stay away from the giant ape.

  • King Kong: Despite the endless, inescapable hype for Peter Jackson's three hour (Three hours. No intermission. Drink nothing.) remake, reviews are actually pretty mixed. Everyone thinks it's too long, but not everyone is bothered - some, in fact, relish the opportunity to wallow in the excess. A few, however, are put off by the endless effects, and find that the movie, in the end, is sort of hollow at its center. No matter whether they like it or not, however, every single critic I've found is blown away by the relationship between Kong and Naomi Watts' Ann Darrow - the acting and writing actually manage to make love between a woman and a CGI monkey not only convincing, but also powerfully compelling.
The only other film opening today in a non-Academy run is The Producers which, in very limited release, is not being well-received. It'll be fully covered in the Christmas round-up, but suffice it to say that Karina is not alone.