Remmington SteeleKarina broke the news a few days ago that Pierce Brosnan had official stopped carping about the other Bonds and was going to make some more movies instead. Well, it turns out that the end of the whining left Brosnan with so much time on his hands that he's returned to talk to the press - this time, though, he's not only being supportive of Bond #6, but also reminding us of the time when we first fell in love with his cheeky persona.

First, Brosnan reports that he sat down for a beer with successor Daniel Craig and wished the lad middle-aged man luck - a long time ago. (Really, he's all about Craig. Why on earth would we think otherwise?)  Second - and far more importantly - Brosnan broke the news that he's "started negotiations" about a cinematic rebirth of his beloved 80s fake detective, Remington Steele. While this will probably turn out to be either a big lie or a quote taken out of context, it's nice for just a moment to dream about Remington coming back.
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