Recently Erik knocked us all flat with wild (and wonderful) rumors of a possible new Trek flick starring cast members from all major eras in some sort of crazy mirror universe deal. Erik phrased his words with caution and it's looking like that may have been wise on his part, as a source within Paramount Pictures is actively denying the popular rumor.

The insider says "Without anything announced, you're going to see speculation everywhere. But unless you hear it from someone actually involved, don't believe it, because it likely isn't true." The source confirms that there is, in fact, a single script floating around for a new Trek film written by Erik Jendresen, but it has met with "mixed" responses. Not due to quality, apparently, but due to a disagreement amoung the Suits as to which direction they want the famous franchise to go.

I have to say, a film starring all three Trek captains in a mirror universe sounds far more intriguing to me than a script ALREADY getting mixed reviews. Another mediocre performance by a Trek flick could be the last nail in the proverbial coffin for the historic sci-fi universe. Shatner fans are sure to be disappointed to hear he may not be making a return to the universe after all, but they can at least drown their sorrows in a collection of really great sci-fi flicks specially chosen by the man himself for distribution by his hot new DVD club --and of course there is the upcoming Free Enterprise sequel, as well.

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