William ShatnerLooking for the best Christmas gift ever for that super-Trekkie in your life? Filmjerk.com has all the sweet scoop on The Offcial William Shatner DVD Club. That's right, kids -- Captain James T. Kirk himself, picking out all the obscure sci-fi DVDs you never even knew you needed to see! The DVD club is one of those "DVD-a-month" type clubs, showcasing "the best sci-fi movies that didn't come to a theater near you". Filmjerk reports that while many of the movies might not be household names, folks who have seen them really like them.

The first movie released was Ginger Snaps. Another release, Close Your Eyes, won awards at film festivals and was raved about by Richard Roeper. So there you have it. Don't get that favorite Trekkie in your life yet another NIB action figure for Christmas--give a gift that keeps on giving. This is a hot week for Shatner -- just the other day Erik reported on the exciting news that Star Trek fans might just get to see Shatner in a new Star Trek film.

[ Big thanks to hot tipster Chris for pointing us to this goldmine ]

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