Here's a doozy of a story from an interesting tipster. Fans of the sci fi world (and really, fans of good literature in general) are quite familiar with the works of Isaac Asimov. Some of his stuff has already made silver screen translations, and one of his most well known fictional series is in the works now- Foundation.

Bollywood turned Hollywood director and blogger Shekhar Kapur says he was approached three years ago by the estate that holds liscence to the vast world of Foundation and asked to turn it into something that would work for a feature film. He did so, and the basis of his script (now turned into two films worth and edited by some other writers) was picked up by a very interested movie studio. The studio is still interested in making the film, Shekhar says, but now a major really succesful director with a "huge recent BO hit under his belt" has expressed interest in the script and Shekhar is being dropped like a hot potato. They say it's legal by the contract he signed; he disagrees claiming a copyright on his adaptation. Apparently, he fears legal action simply on the basis of the blog explanation he wrote about it all.

If this is true (and I see no reason yet why Shekhar would lie), it could turn into quite an interesting story. Stay tuned here at Cinematical as we follow the updates and keep you posted on this interesting little battle that could be brewing.

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