• John Spencer, Jean ParkerJohn Spencer was probably best-known recently as Leo McGarry on the TV show The West Wing. Or perhaps you might remember him from his L.A. Law days. However, he also appeared in supporting roles in a number of movies, including WarGames, Sea of Love (a personal favorite of mine), Green Card, and the odd little Albino Alligator. He died Friday of a heart attack, at age 58.
  • Adrian Biddle's last film as cinematographer was the upcoming film V for Vendetta. He photographed some quite memorable films in the past 20 years, such as Aliens, The Princess Bride, and Thelma & Louise. He died of a heart attack on Dec. 7, a death that seems to have gone unnoticed in the media apart from Ain't It Cool News and an item on a James Bond fan site.
  • Actress Jean Parker died of complications from a stroke. Her death is reported as Nov. 30 but was not reported in the media until recently. Possibly this is because no one remembers who Jean Parker was. She had a 30-year career in Hollywood; you might recall her as Beth in the 1933 film of Little Women, the version starring Katharine Hepburn as Jo. It seems odd that the actress who portrayed doomed little Beth would be the last cast member from the film to die in real life.
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