So by now it's old news that a remake of the classic television show The A-Team may be on its way to the silver screen. When we first heard this news, my college buddies and I had a devil of a time attempting to choose new actors we'd like to see assume the roles of these four vigilantes. We are all children of the 80s, so naturally the A-Team holds a sacred place in our hearts; and trying to change the faces of such iconic characters proved a difficult task indeed.  The discussion came up periodically after that, and we never managed to reach a consensus – to this day, I'm still not sure who I'd pick. You know you've played this game before- recasting old stories with new actors – and so I'm asking you for your help.

Here are my very tentative picks. The list still leaves me feeling unsettled, really, so please be kind to my fragile sanity and help me settle this issue in my mind.

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