MunichDirector Steven Spielberg has been unusually mum about his latest film, Munich, skipping the usual press junkets and refusing most interviews. Out of the blue, he suddenly decided to grant an interview to the Los Angeles Times, and - wow - what an interview. An uncharacteristically subdued Spielberg opened up with Times writer Rachel Abramowitz about why he felt drawn to the story of Munich and how the process of developing the script went: they commissioned three scripts, chose the one by Forrest Gump scribe Eric Roth, and then had playwright Tony Kushner take Roth's script and rework it. Interestingly, the article says Roth and Kushner share screenplay credit, but IMDB only lists Kushner. Spielberg also talks about what it was like working on the set with both Palestinian and Israeli actors, and how they had great discussions over meals together and between takes.

This is the most interesting piece I've read yet about Munich, and, to be honest, the first that's made me really interested in seeing the film, which examines the events surrounding both the murder of Israeli athletes by Black September terrorists during the 1972 Munich Olympics, and the aftermath of the Israeli response. Critics on both sides of the political fray are bound to find fault with the film; I really want to see it now, to judge for myself. Anyone out there have thoughts on the film?

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