CasanovaI don't know about anyone else, but the trailer for Casanova really had me concerned - it was too short to get a sense of if the humor really worked or not, and succeeded only in making Heath Ledger look like a dolt. Happily for both Heath and the movie, however, Apple is now hosting a very reassuring five minute clip from the movie.

For people (such as myself) who had been wondering, if the clip is anything to go on, Casanova really is funny. Also very silly, but in a good way. For the Rowan Atkinson fans out there, the clip actually gives off a very strong Blackadder the Third vibe, it's that sort of joyful, costumed absurdity. In addition, these five minutes make clear once again that Oliver Platt is a complete comic genius who can bring pathos to the most absurd character on earth. Click below and check it out for yourselves - the movie comes out in the US on Christmas.

[via Movies Online]