Clerks 2News Askew put some new videos up over the weekend. The first, "Rain Day", from the Clerks 2 site, shows what happens when the weather doesn't cooperate with your shooting. schedule. The second video shows one of the News Askew editors showing you how to edit a music video. The third video is a sneak peek at the trailer for Catch and Release, which stars Jennifer Garner, Juliette Lewis and -- Kevin Smith!

I couldn't get the second vid to load for some reason, but I watched "Rain Day" and the trailer. I think of all the Clerks 2 stuff Smith has put up, this one is my favorite. It's nothing flashy - just the cast and crew reacting to weather screwing up their shoot, but the way it's edited is brilliant. I hope they include it at the end of the film. For all the scoop on the Catch and Release trailer, check out this week's Trailer Park.


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