WatchmenAs Mark told us in October, reports of Watchmen's demise are may have been exaggerated. Though the movie never seems to live up to its big buzz ("Darren Aronofsky's going to direct! No, never mind. But it's cool, because Paul Greengrass is gonna do it! Ok, no he's not, sorry. Oh, and Paramount's dumping the whole project."), it nevertheless keeps surviving - and now, at least for a while, it's officially alive at Warner Brothers.

As suggested above, the project now has neither a director (the big-spending Greengrass is gone) nor a screenwriter (David Hayter has been dumped as well), but the original producers are still around. At the moment, Warner's is talking to directors and nothing is for sure - according to the Hollywood Reporter, "Starting from scratch is not being ruled out." So yeah, it could be a while before this thing is actually made. And, as Ron pointed out this morning at Galley Cat, if V for Vendetta tanks it will be a very long time indeed.
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