Comcast-owned G4 has tried so very hard to establish itself as a television home for the gamers and tech-savvy among us. After assimilating (and gutting) TechTV, G4 has continued struggling in its attempts to establish an identity, and is now working on broadening its target audience to "young male" viewers. Not really a huge leap, but okay, sure. We can assume that this mostly means they'll no longer be airing only bad anime, pseudo-tech shows, and an endless march of videogame reviews. I can already hear you asking "why is he talking about TV on a Movie blog?" Your answer is that this transition is likely to involve one of the biggest geek movie franchises; one that we've spent significant time discussing lately here at Cinematical. That's right, Comcast is in the process of aquiring syndication rights for Star Trek and one of its spinoffs, Star Trek: The Next Generation, from Paramount Domestic Television. Presumably, this is to help them broaden their appeal, while still staying somewhat friendly to their geek fanbase.

I'm honestly in favor of any move that allows good Star Trek series of the past to continue to find air time on modern television. I'm not sure that this will serve to broaden the fanbase much within the coveted "young male" audience – it seems like the sort of young males that are going to be watching old Star Trek are probably the sort of young males that already tune in to G4. Thoughts?


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