Various slumpmongers have blamed Hollywood's obsession with new technology for declining ticket sales. So is the answer to turn towards old technology? The Opinion Dynamics Corporation has just released a new study which indicates that 26 million Americans (12 percent of adults) would go to the movies more frequently if more films were shot in 3D. The fact that such a survey even happened is baffling; 3D has't been considered a serious option for the film industry since the mid-50s, when studios pulled out all the stops to lure moviegoers away from their newfangled televisions. The ODC's spokesman stands by the findings of his firm:"Given that there were only two feature-length 3D films released in 2005, there appears to be pent-up demand for 3D films, especially when feature- length, live-action 3D films come to marke," says Richard Greif. Will the major studios take these findings and immediately expand their 3D production units? And can the resurgence of Smellovision be far behind?