Viggo MortensenWow - where did this thing come from? It appears that Viggo Mortensen, while no longer hanging out with hobbits, isn't done with wearing unbelievably cool, period-y clothes and wielding groovy weaponry: he's starring in Alatriste, a Spanish flick about soldier-turned-mercenary, set in the 17th century. The movie is based on a novel by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, whose work was also the source for The Ninth Gate.

According to the comments at IMDb, this is not as weird that it may seem - the film is a joint US/French/Spanish production, and Mortensen speaks prefect Spanish (!), albeit with an Argentinean accent. The trailer, though it has no sound (if you find one that does, let us know - all the sites I've found have the same one), looks amazing - warfare, dueling, rapiers, and lots of Viggo close-ups for the ladies. Plus, the first sentence of the book's summary at Amazon contains the word "swashbuckler," which is very promising indeed. Frustratingly, Alatriste isn't scheduled for a US release until next December - I sure as hell hope we can at least get a trailer with some audio before that.

[via Twitch]
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