BloodrayneIt's well known by now that we here at Cinematical all love Uwe Boll, and look forward to each and every one of his video game movies with an eagerness that sometimes gets embarrassing. So far, he's never failed to meet our lofty expectations: they have all sucked in gloriously epic ways. I'm happy to report, friends, that based on its new trailer, BloodRayne will be no exception. Even though the movie got loads of vampire cred by filming in Transylvania, the acting is awful (mark my words: at some point, Michael Madsen will be referred to in credits simply as "whore"), the effects are bad, and for the non-gamers among us, the story is completely impenetrable.

Fans/martyrs will be able to verify the movie's suckiness January 6. Make sure you get those tickets early, because BloodRayne is going to open HUGE - just ask Uwe.