There seems to be an endless stream of information coming from the big titles within the comic book movie genre these past few months. Here are today's updates, courtesy of CBR.

  • Yet more X-Men 3images. There are new photos from on set in Vancouver over at Hollywood North Report. I won't go into detail here, because the pictures, in conjunction with the report given by the photographer are spolier-ific. Click at your own risk, spoiler avoiders.
  • Terrell Clayton  has picked up an as-yet-unidentified supporting role in upcoming webslinger sequel Spiderman 3. Also, stunt coordinator Ray Lykins has been verified as returning to the Spider-family for another film.
  • In a recent spot on MTV, actor Kal Penn was rabidly excited about the upcoming DC title Superman Returns. He is quoted as saying "It was like nothing I've ever seen. ... You see these incredibly talented set designers, and obviously Bryan . ... It's that kind of film." As a Super side note, Yahoo has a picture of Brandon Routh carrying the olympic torch.

[via CBR]

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