Ghost RiderDespite the alarming news that we'll all have to wait until 2007 to see Nic Cage in Ghost Rider, Sony Pictures has officially released a 10-second clip of the film on its website. Not long ago, I told you about the studio's decision to push back Ghost Rider's release to Febuary of 2007 instead of this summer because, well, they were having a hard time fitting it in amongst a heavy assortment of films.


While the move pissed off those anxiously awaiting the film's release, it also forced marketing folks into one of those "Holy crap, we need to change plans, like, now!" situations. That's why it's rather interesting to see them throw up the clip now instead of, say, a few months from now. I mean, the movie isn't coming out for over a year! I'm thinking Sony wants to prove to us that there's nothing else behind their motivation to move the release date, other then bad timing. They're saying, "Here, look, we really did make a movie and nothing's wrong with it - we swear!"