Entertainment reporter/photographer Nick Douglas killed himself on December 8, after a series of events involving Tom Selleck, a handful of unopened beers, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization that puts on the Golden Globes. Douglas was a reporter for for a tabloid called Big Buzz, based out of Ireland, and according to today's New York Times, he was suspended by the HFPA after removing a few unopened bottles of beer from a reception and lying about selling a photo of the sometime Magnum P.I. last year. Soon, he lost his entertainment world connections, and eventually, lost his Big Buzz column. His friends and supporters say his self-hanging happened as a direct consequence of HFPA's disciplinary action. That impossible-to-prove claim aside, Sharon Waxman does a typically hysterical job of half-assedly deconstructing the secret club, which will accept reporters from obscure South Korean papers but not La Ronde, and which has a notorious history of banning its members for minor transgressions. Still, worth a read, if only for the tales of various HFPA suspensions – apparently, foreign reporters REALLY like to drink.
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