Geek kingpin Joss Whedon recently gave an exclusive interview to Coming Soon!, and in it discussed his latest projects- most notably his upcoming Wonder Woman. As always, Whedon's got a thousand irons in the fire; he's still working with Marvel comics and his own Buffy and Serenity comics, he's scriptwriting for another movie called Goner, and he's still contemplating direct-to-DVD releases of a few new Buffy-verse movies. And wonder of wonders, the man actually admits to being mortal.

When asked about doing more with the Firefly franchise he said " It was hard to make and I'm very tired. I need some sleep, and then we'll see if people are interested in more." When addressed about the possibility of writing Wonder Woman comics, he replied "No, I don't think so... I've taken on too much as it is." Whedon concedes that in all likelihood Wonder Woman could be the first project he finishes, leaving his own Goner (and assorted other projects) for later.

I'm not always a huge fan of Whedon's creations (I like some, I dislike others), but I most definately envy the man's creativity, willpower, and sheer stinking tenacity. Anybody that can live out their dreams like he is has got to be doing something right.

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