Adrien BrodyWriter and producer Ken Levine (MASH, Cheers, Wings, The Simpsons, Becker, Frasier, and more) has seen King Kong and doesn't really like it. He says it's too long and that you should wait for the DVD so you can keep fast forwarding through it. You've probably read a half dozen reviews of the film, but Levine's review has some of the more quotable lines of the year:

  • "I was so geeked to see it based on the trailer, reviews, and guarantee that Celine Dion didn't sing the title song."
  • "We were told that this was Peter Jackson's homage to movies. We weren't told this was his homage to all of them."
  • "And please, I pray that Ang Lee's favorite movie growing up wasn't Mighty Joe Young."


[via Lee Goldberg]