Keira KnightleyWhen she finally gets off those pirate boats, Keira Knightley will probably be headed to Japan. She's in final talks to star in Silk, which will tell the "story of a married silkworm 19th Century France traveling to Japan to collect a wormy cargo." Mmm...worms. When the trader arrives in Japan, he meets a hot European concubine and the two begin an illicit affair. Everything goes well until his wife gets suspicious, and I suppose at that point some sort of hell breaks lose. Irritatingly, there are contradictory reports on which lead role Knightley will play - it seems likely, though, given both her looks and big name, that she'll be the concubine. Michael Pitt is currently the favorite to play the smuggler, but talks with him are less advanced.

The movie is based on the well-respected, big-selling novella of the same name by Alessandro Baricco, and will be helmed by Canadian director François Girard. Shooting is expected to begin next spring.
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