It seems to be the Week of The Dubious Poll, and, frankly, we're not at all surprised. It seems like roughly 2/3rds of the world is on vacation, and the rest of us are working from bed whilst watching Dr. Phil. This time, the Touch Media Group has released the findings a huge survey in which they essentially allowed respondents to design their ideal films. Beyond "discovering" the obvious (people like comedies! Julia Roberts is a popular actress!), the poll found that its subjects really liked taking the poll. "The American public wants to be included more in the film making process just as they enjoyed selecting the top singer in American Idol,” says Bob Cefail, chairman of In Touch. Though Cefail says he'll  make the results of the study available to any studio that asks for them in the next 30 days, at this point, there are no plans afoot to allow an average filmgoer to call a hotline and instantly change the face of entertainment with their bad decisions.
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