Cedric the
EntertainerJohnson Family Vacation, a road-trip flick starring Cedric the Entertainer as the leader of a reunion-bound clan, got uniformly bad reviews - 6% of them were positive, according to Rotten Tomatoes, and the movie's rating at the IMDb is a paltry 3.7. But there are two facts about it that render today's announcement that a sequel is on that way, distressing though it may be, incredibly unsurprising.

First, Cedric is sort of a genius. Even the harshest of the reviews found a way to praise him, if not for his performance then for what he can do with the right material. I mean, the guy is just awesome - he's funny, intelligent, and has surprising range, able to convincingly switch from sexually suggestive bits to family fare in the blink of an eye. So yeah, he seems able to carry even a crappy road movie franchise. Second, of course, is the money: the original cost $12 million. It made over $30 million. Case closed.
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