In the face of all the awards hubub and talks of the year's highlights, Rotten Tomatoes has assembled a list of what they feel are among the contenders for Worst Movie of the Year. However, they take it one step further, and suggest what subtle changes could have been made to each of their selected bombs to turn them into Oscar gold. Movies such as Supercross,Ma Mere, andDeuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, get the makeover treatment, turning them from flops into contenders. Well, hypothetically, anyway. In reality, most of these movies will only ever see action again in the dvd players of the incredibly undiscerning viewer. You know the sort I'm talking about- they're the ones with Jennifer Lopez movies on their DVD shelves.

*Please note, if your sarcasm detector is set to "low" or "off," you click and read the link below at your own risk. 

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