hayden.jpgSometime around 12 this morning, the New York City Transport Workers Union went on strike, leaving millions of commuters SOL, and leaving me unable to get to the Rumor Has It all-media and stuck at Brooklyn-based Cinematical Headquarters indefinitely. But I'm not the only one banished to a borough; as noted earlier, Hayden Christensen and Jessica Alba are currently in New York City, working on a thriller called Awake for the Weinstein Company, and according to one of the film's producers, the stars were forced to spend last night in a cheap motel adjacent to Kaufman Astoria Studios. "I have hotel rooms on hold in Long Island City at a Comfort Inn right near the studio and carpools for much of the crew," Awake production manager Robin Sweet said. "All of the actors are very understanding." Or, at least, they will be until rabid Hayden fans crash their rooms looking for Baby Vader. Many other projects, including Ivan Reitman's Super Ex-Girlfriend and various Law and Order stallwarts, are on hold for the holidays, but Julie Taymor's Beatles musical Across the Universe (which was scheduled to beging shooting today) will likely be hit hard.  A co-producer on the film confirmed that even with carpools setup, the production's many dancers will probably have to hike to get to work.
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