After about 20 minutes of shooting, Mel Gibson and his people have put together a shiny (albeit totally uninformative) new trailer for Apocalypto, his latest ancient language picture. The images are very pretty indeed, though it's hard to argue with the impression of Joshua at Cinema Blend, who describes the trailer as looking like "it’s composed out of discarded National Geographic stock." Of course, I like National Geographic specials, so that doesn't bother me at all (the horrible done "panther," however, is another thing entirely) - if you liked the footage we linked to the other day, you'll probably dig this as well.

What's most significant about the trailer, however, is less its failure to tell us anything about the movie than the fact that it contains what is simultaneously the funniest and creepiest image of Mel Gibson ever captured on film. It's so bizarre that at first I assumed the screencap was fake, but I went through the trailer frame by frame (the things I do for you people) and suddenly, about 1:45 in, there was Mel! Does this mean he'll have a cameo in the movie? Perhaps as a small-pox laden visitor from the future? The possibilities are endless.

[Via Cinema Blend, who was also the first to find Mel and the source of the image.]
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