Wow - talk about news I never, ever expected to hear: Michael J. Fox is currently in talks to star in a fourth Back to the Future. Refreshingly, the actor has said he's no longer interested in playing a time-traveling dork. Instead, he wants to play the crazy scientist role - that's right, Marty McFly has grown up and turned into Doc, the sequel. And it's not negotiable; the only only circumstance under which Fox would do the movie is if he gets to be the on-screen mentor to "a younger cast."As Fox put it, "I'm 44-years-old now and I'm not interested in running around on skateboards!" Well, thank goodness for that. 

I know the third one was awful and everything, but this series was so central to the movie-going youth of a certain (OK, my) generation, that I actually think another installment would be welcomed with open arms. Or I could be totally wrong - what do you guys think? Might it be better to just leave it alone and not risk damaging the series further?
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