Ethan Hawke has agreed to direct a screen version of his first novel, The Hottest State. The novel which, not surprisingly, seems to have been loved by Hawke fans and dismissed by most critics, is "a coming-of-age tale of a fairly unpleasant young actor from Texas named William who lives in Manhattan and is working his way through an ugly little relationship with a singer/songwriter named Sarah." Or, more generously, it's "boy-meets-girl, girl-dumps-boy saga is set in a grungy New York of aspiring actors, writers and singers." Either way - just the sort of thing to which audiences flock!

Gay cowboy wife Michelle Williams has already signed to appear in the movie, though it's not confirmed that she'll play Sarah. Hawke, meanwhile, seems set to just direct, which is just as well. After all, at 35 he's probably a bit old at this point to play a guy who's coming of age. Filming of the picture is due to start in January.
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