In what seems to be a rather unnecessary move, Fox Filmed Entertainment has created an as-yet unnamed division "for teen and young adult audiences." The division, which will be run by Fox Searchlight president Peter Rice, was reportedly necessary because "young audiences have their own aesthetic," and need "bold" movies, advertising, and movie-related content created just for them.

Bold, huh? So far, the divisions duties include "produc[ing] and acquir[ing] six to eight films a year in genres including action, thriller, comedy and drama" and creating "new-media content for mobile devices, the Web and emerging technologies." Does any of that sound new to you? How is it different from what Fox is already doing? According to FFE chairman Tom Rothman, some of the new, "bold" ideas being considered "include material similar to DVD extras as well as wireless video games based on the movies." Wow! Those new ideas are really going to blow the kids away, huh? Sigh. And people wonder why Hollywood is in trouble.

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