The members of the Broadcast Film Critics Association were so impressed by the way Peter Jackson, Andy Serkis, and the King Kong Effects Wizards brought life to their star that a lot of them reportedly felt that the creature should win their best actor award. Sadly, someone told them they weren't allowed to vote for a giant, fake ape, even if his acting was better than that of most of the humans in the running. Instead, the organization created the Distinguished Achievement in Performing Arts Award specifically to recognize Kong for the "astonishing way in which he expresses love, lust, humor and rage in the tradition of the finest human actors."

On one hand, this seems silly - the creature doesn't even exist, right? On the other, though, it's probably about time that we recognize the power of technology to create three-dimensional, fully "human" characters. The award will be presented to Serkis, animation director Christian Rivers, animation supervisor Joe Letteri and Kong himself (who will appear in brand spanking new footage) at the BFCA's Critics' Choice Awards event next month.
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