It's true - along with everyone else who covers the movies in any capacity, we here at Cinematical are officially in an Oscar Frenzy. Questions and speculation are flying around our lovely Manhattan office - Is Brokeback Mountain peaking too soon? Why is Munich not getting any awards? Will a giant ape rule the world? And are those bitches at the Academy going to stiff The Squid and the Whale just because it's small and sort of difficult? It's fun but, you know, also a little mind-numbing.

But there is an alternative - if you feel like you'll kill the next person who says the phrase "gay cowboys" but can't get enough of Academy Awards speculation, head on over to to the Los Angeles Times' Oscar blog and talk about next year's front runners. Yes, it's true: everyone has completely lost their minds. On what are they basing their beliefs that Dreamgirls - which has yet to EVEN START FILMING - is going to be good enough to get nominated? Or Borgia? At this point, who knows if Colin Farrell will even make it out or rehab? I mean, come on, people. Fun is fun, but this is insane.