If you, like me, have a gigantic crush on Kate Hudson, then you may want to head on over to Moviefone right now seeing as they have an exclusive look at the new trailer for You, Me And Dupree . Starring my very lovely alternate- universe-girlfriend, Owen Wilson, Matt Dillon and Michael Douglas, Dupree is being labeled as Three's Company, except two of the roomates hate the third. Okay, that's great, but at what point does Kate Hudson decide that she wants to jump through the screen and run away with me forever and ever?

The story centers around two newlyweds (Hudson and Dillon) who are forced to take their bumbling friend, Dupree (Wilson), into their home after the guy screws up his life. As one would expect from a screwball comedy, Dupree turns into the roommate from hell and, what most likely follows, are a series of plot twists that involve Owen Wilson doing something terrible to the poor couple. Based on the trailer, it doesn't seem like this one has enough juice in it to keep me laughing all the way through (Michael Douglas isn't exactly a comic genius), but there's something about Owen Wilson that makes it hard to wipe the smile from my face.